Leadership Columbus

Leadership Columbus is a program designed to develop a corps of informed, committed, and qualified citizens capable of providing dynamic leadership for Columbus County, recognizing that volunteer leadership is one of the most valuable assets of a community.


  • Develop informed, trained, and committed leaders who understand the issues and needs of our community;
  • Create the opportunity for leaders to meet, establish rapport, and maintain ongoing professional relationships;
  • ensure that participants involve themselves in greater roles in our community through volunteerism in service and civic organizations, serving on appointed boards and in running for elected offices;
  • Create the opportunity for future leaders to continue to identify and study local issues;
  • Enhance the skills necessary to become effective leaders of the community;
  • Communicate the benefits of Leadership Columbus to the community.

Program Overview

This program is a leadership certification program that introduces the participants to the many facets of Columbus County to increase their professional and personal effectiveness.  Conveniently schedules over a five month period, this program will provide the participants with the opportunities to:

  • Enhance interpersonal communications
  • Build and demonstrate leadership skills
  • Increase team building effectiveness
  • Improve results of working on community projects
  • Establish ongoing dialogues with experienced community leaders


Leadership Columbus Brochure        Leadership Columbus Application